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Construction is now underway on Puget Sound Energy (PSE)’s new Beaver Creek wind farm, a utility-scale wind project that will be located on the high plains in Stillwater County, Montana. PSE is continuing to invest in Montana’s energy economy as PSE works to add more clean energy to its portfolio. 

The wind farm will have an expected initial nameplate capacity of 248 megawatts (MW), enough energy to power about 83,000 homes a year. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to add wind turbines in neighboring Sweet Grass County as well as a lithium-ion battery energy storage system to shape Beaver Creek’s variable wind output and better match PSE’s customer energy needs. Montana wind has a high production rate that is especially valuable during extremely cold weather in the Pacific Northwest, when high pressure systems mean that Washington wind farms do not produce much energy. 

Investing in Montana's Energy Economy


"PSE is undergoing one of the largest clean energy transformations of any utility in the country."

-Mary Kipp, president and CEO of Puget Sound Energy

"Montana's wind resources are valuable assets to PSE's portfolio given their high contribution to our peak capacity needs. Montana winds blow longer and stronger in the winter when our customer demand is greatest."

-Ron Roberts, Vice President of Energy Supply, Puget Sound Energy

PSE has been a partner in Montana’s energy economy since the 1970s and continues to invest in the state of Montana and its communities. The project will interconnect on NorthWestern Energy’s system and will use existing PSE transmission on the Colstrip Transmission System to bring the wind energy back to PSE customers. 

About the Beaver Creek Wind Project:

  • The wind farm is expected to utilize an estimated 150-200 skilled workers during construction with an ongoing need for 10-15 permanent on-site workers during operation. 

  • The project will utilize federal tax credits, and comply with provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act that emphasize the importance of union and/or prevailing wage jobs and apprenticeship programs for tradespeople involved with the project. It is also PSE's intent to use domestically produced products when possible.

  • Construction is set to begin in spring of 2024 with the facility expecting to be operational in 2025.

As part of its work to add additional clean energy resources to its portfolio, PSE continues to partner with energy producers in the state of Montana. Recent examples include power purchase agreements signed with Energy Keepers, Inc., the tribally owned corporation of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes for hydroelectric power, and an agreement with NextEra, Montana’s largest windfarm Clearwater Wind, based in Rosebud, Custer and Garfield Counties. Learn more about these projects and PSE’s work in Montana HERE.

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