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“PSE’s leadership in creating the Colstrip Community Fund has been instrumental as we work to diversify our regional economy. The Colstrip Community Fund provides yet another important tool for investing in innovation and economic development."


-Jim Atchison, Southeastern Montana Development Corporation (Colstrip)

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“While PSE represents only one of six Colstrip owners, we believe the community transition fund is an important first step in creating a viable funding source to help the community transition to new opportunities for employment in the years to come.”

- Ken Johnson, PSE Vice President of Regulatory & Government Affairs

“We’ve also been steadfast in our commitment to the community of Colstrip, as reflected in the $10 million we’ve provided for community transition planning. The community has been our partner for decades, and not just the men and women who work at the plant and mine, but their families, friends and neighbors too. We are invested in their future success.”


- Ron Roberts, PSE Vice President of Energy Supply 

Puget Sound Energy has worked in Montana for decades and on top of honoring its outlined obligations, PSE was the first Colstrip owner to set aside funding for community transition planning efforts. PSE voluntarily secured $10 million through its 2017 General Rate Case to create the Colstrip Community Fund. PSE was proud to lead the commitment to support the broader Colstrip community during this time of opportunity.


In establishing the fund, PSE engaged with the community and participated in Colstrip Community Impact Advisory Group (CCIAG) planning meetings in the City of Colstrip and attended community listening sessions in Colstrip, Forsyth and Lame Deer over the span of 10 months. Ultimately, the community, through the CCIAG, developed the framework, direction and oversight of the funds in the Colstrip Impacts Foundation to support the employees and residents of Colstrip. In recognition of these planning efforts, the full $10 million was deposited in 2019 in support of the community’s future.

As administered by the Montana Community Foundation, grants are made to eligible organizations and individuals. Grant applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Funding is available in three areas of support: economic development, support for taxing districts, and grants directly to impacted workers. Learn more about the Colstrip Impacts Foundation and grant opportunities:

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